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ReFlex 1: Conversation Cards

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ReFlex 1: Conversation Cards

Rise above the small talk and start getting real with Flex Factory's pioneering game, ReFlex. Pick a card (there are 49 questions), take turns answering, and get to know each other on a whole new level.

Armed with ReFlex, you can dive right into the spicy stuff: love, life, death, politics, religion, career, psychology, the whole deal. You’ll get serious insight into who you, and the people around you, really are.

Great for: Birthdays. Funerals. First dates. Last dates. Dinner parties. Bottomless brunches. Waiting rooms. Bullet trains. Or just to have in your back pocket in case chats get stale. 

Very Important Stuff

  • Designed and printed in Australia
  • Ethically made in house by FlexMami
  • As seen in Vogue, Goop and Refinery29
  • Box dimensions: H 9.5cm x W 7cm x D 2.5cm
  • Water resistant and celloglazed cardstock
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