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ReFlex 4: Conversation Cards

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ReFlex 4: Conversation Cards

You don’t need ReFlex #1, ReFlex #2, ReFlex #3 or ReFlex S*x to play ReFlex 4.

You are one conversation away from the best laugh and lightbulb moment. You are one question away from uncovering what you and the people you love are thinking. You are one vulnerable moment away from connecting deeper with your faves. So what are you waiting for?

A reflex is an action that is performed without conscious thought as a response to something. How many of our thoughts, ideas and beliefs are just that? Inherited and absorbed from the world around us, without us truly realising.

ReFlex 4 is a set of 50 intentionally created questions made to help you pause, reflect and understand who you are, what you think and why you think it. This game has unexpected, interesting, curious, silly yet insightful questions about life, work, love, purpose and a few philosophical, moral dilemmas sprinkled in.

Perfect for the type of people who find joy in digging deep, building intimacy, asking questions and encouraging others to do the same.

Add flavour and excitement to random encounters with strangers, friendly catch-up dates, dinner parties, work or turn inwards and use these conversation cards as journal prompts.

Very Important Stuff

  • Designed and printed in Australia
  • Ethically made in-house by FlexMami
  • As seen in Vogue, Goop and Refinery29
  • Box dimensions: H 9.5cm x W 7cm x D 2.5cm
  • Water-resistant and celloglazed cardstock
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